Marketing, Communications, and Fundraising Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Why Choose Us?

Nonprofit fundraising, marketing and communications can be tough. Especially when you would rather spend your days digging wells in Ghana, operating orphanages in Kenya, building houses in Guatemala, serving the homeless in Atlanta, rescuing sex trafficking victims in Romania, providing micro-financing in Rwanda, building community in New York, or spreading the Gospel in China. You have bold dreams and visions and the last thing you have time to think about is fundraising, and telling your story though marketing and communications.

However, as most every nonprofit soon finds out, without effective marketing and fundraising strategies and tools in place the ability to sustain, much less grow and expand, your mission is extremely hard. The thought of being able to hire a Development Director, Marketing Director, Fundraising Director, Communications Director, Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Website Manager, Event Manager, Direct Mail Specialist, Social Media Manager, Photographer and Print Media Editor seems like a nice, but impossible, dream.

That’s where Echo Your Story comes in. We work primarily with start-up, small and medium sized nonprofit organizations who have the dream, vision, and story but need help communicating it all in a way that attracts donors, supporters and volunteers.

Whether you are simply looking for a one-time graphic, newsletter, website, event or video produced… or you really want to have a team step in and walk alongside you through multiple phases of marketing, communications and fundraising, our team is here to serve you.

Because our primary focus is these nonprofits that are right on the cusp of exponential growth, we understand the financial concerns and work hard with you to offer and scale our services to match your budget. In our world, no budget is too small to get you on the right track.