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Missionary Fundraising – The Series

Missionary Fundraising can often times be very frustrating. How do you find new donors, cultivate current donors, spread the word about what you are doing, write newsletters, maintain your social media, create blogs, keep track of donations, file paperwork, keep your 501(c)3 status… all while doing the hard work that God has called you to do, often times in the middle of another country?

We understand the challenges and obstacles that come with raising money as a Missionary. Fundraising as a Missionary is vital to the long term success and impact of your work, however often times you are a one person (or family) team that doesn’t have the resources of a larger nonprofit organization. Even if you are part of a mission sending agency, you often still are responsible for most of the fundraising yourself.

Missionary Fundraising Tips PhotographyThat is why we exist. We want to help you develop the tools and strategies necessary to raise funds not only to continue in the field, but to grow and expand your influence and vision.

Our new blog series on Missionary Fundraising is designed to give you some tips, tools and resources to better raise money as a missionary. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can be updated every time we release a new post or resource designed just for you.

This series focuses on the individual and family missionaries out there who are working without a large team of people focused on fundraising. While we also serve organizations with a dedicated develop and fundraising team, we also are passionate about being that very team for those who don’t have access to one.

Missionary Fundraising Topics

Some of the topics we will cover (and this list is ever evolving) include:

  • Writing Engaging Missionary Newsletters
  • Keeping an up to date Missionary Blog
  • Tracking and analyzing current donors for potential growth
  • Telling your story with video
  • Telling your story with photos
  • Having a fresh and inspiring social media presence
  • Using Facebook as a Missionary
  • Sending great thank you letters
  • Building new donor networks
  • Hosting small and medium fundraising events
  • Presenting at a Church
  • Designing a great website
  • Growing online donations
  • And more…


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