Solutions for Missionaries

You spend your days (or you dream of) digging wells in Ghana, operating orphanages in Kenya, building houses in Guatemala, serving the homeless in Atlanta, rescuing sex trafficking victims in Romania, providing micro-financing in Rwanda, building community in New York, spreading the Gospel in China… you have bold dreams and visions and the last thing you have time to worry about is telling your story though marketing and events.

However, as most every missionary soon finds out, without effective marketing and development strategies and tools in place the ability to sustain, much less grow and expand, your mission is extremely hard. The thought of being able to hire a Director of Marketing, Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Website Manager, Event Director, Direct Mail Specialist, Social Media Manager, Photographer and Print Media Editor seems like a really nice, but really impossible, dream.

That’s where Echo Your Story comes in. We work primarily with nonprofit organizations and missionaries who have the dream, vision and story but need help communicating it all in a way that attracts donors, supporters and volunteers.

Whether you are simply looking for a one-time graphic, newsletter, website, event or video produced… or you really want to have an organization step in and walk alongside you through multiple phases of marketing and development, our team is here to serve you.

Because our primary focus is these missionaries and nonprofits that are right on the cusp of exponential growth, we understand the financial concerns and work hard with you to offer and scale our services to match your budget. In our world, no budget is too small to get you on the right track.

Our Solutions

Imagine if you could have a Director of Marketing, Director of Events, Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Video Producer, Direct Mail Manager, Photographer and Social Media Manager… how much more could you do in chasing your vision?

For most of the missionaries we work with this is a far-off dream (that we hope one day becomes a reality!), and that’s why we offer all those services wrapped up into one.

We can walk alongside you to help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that tells your story and then produce the tools needs to accomplish that strategy.

Whether it’s for a month or five years we want to walk with you and be your Marketing Team.

Our goal is to work with missionaries so we adjust and scale our services to meet your budget needs.

We offer a full suite of Print Design Solutions for missionaries. Some of the most frequent we do for Missionaries include:


Quarterly newsletters for your donors are one of the best ways to keep them engaged with your mission as well as give them updates as to where their support is going. We can help you develop content, design as well as the printing and mailing.

Brochures that reflect your mission and vision in detail are a great way to present your information to potential donors and supporters. We can help you structure your content, figure out a theme and assist with printing and shipping.

Postcards and General Mailers
Sending seasonal postcards, informational pieces, first time donor cards and more add personal touches to your organizations mailings, helping you to maintain a great relationship with your donors.

Business Cards
Professional business cards are a great way to lend legitimacy to your missionary journey as well as provide your vision and mission in a nutshell. Let us produce and help you print so you are ready for your next meeting.

Nearly all donors, supporters and volunteers first visit your website before ever engaging with you. They want to see what you are all about, how you are impacting people and what their support will do to help the mission.

Not only that, but online donations are quickly approaching 30% of an organizations annual giving.

Is your website designed in a professional way that communicates your vision and mission, shows transparency to how your finances are being spent and allows potential supporters easy avenues to partner with you?

We would love to help you maximize your website while also making it easy to use for you and your team.

Contact one of our team members today to learn how we can tell your story online!

Events have the ability to present your mission through experience, stories and memory making moments. Our team has experience creating events ranging from 50,000+ sporting events to intimate fundraising dinners in a donors home.

We work with you to plan an event that tells your story from beginning to end as well as engages current and potential donors at every level. Through video, staging, speakers, photos, interactive displays, food, invitations and followup we can help you deliver the best fundraising event any of your supporters have ever been a part of.

We offer a full suite of Video Production Services, however our most common services for Missionaries include:

Short Promotional Videos
Let us produce a 3-5 minute promotional video that shares stories of how you are changing lives and how others can join you. This video is great for sending to Churches and other events, sharing on your website and showing before you present at events.

Documentary Video
You’ve got a story, and while 3-5 minutes will give people the highlights some want to learn more about what you’re doing. Let us produce a 25-30 minute documentary about your organization for use on your website so others can get a deep understanding of how you are changing lives.

Behind the Scenes
Videos featuring your team and the people you serve, though much more informal. Often shared through Social Media and Email campaigns these videos give your supporters a glimpse “behind the curtains” of your organization.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) are quickly becoming the first place people hear and interact with you. Let us help you create a comprehensive Social Media Presence that engages current supporters as well as reaches new supporters.

Our team can provide you a one-time consultation or be your powerhouse social media team keeping your online presence fresh and relevant real time.

Maintaining a consistent email newsletter that is engaging and well produced is a key way of communicating with your donors and supporters.

Our team will walk with you through setting up templates and give you best practice advice, as well as can work with you to produce monthly or quarterly email newsletter to send to your donors and supporters.

It’s always said a photo is better than a thousand words… and that remains the truth. Let our team visit you in the field and take professional photos of the work you are doing that you can then share and we can incorporate into other projects we are working on for you.

We also offer training and tips on best practices when taking photos to tell your story.