Five Content Ideas for Social Media

If you’ve worked with us in the past, or follow along on our blog, you know we are proponents of having a regular social media presence – meaning that you post on a frequent and consistent basis to Facebook, Instagram etc., and don’t go long periods of time where you post nothing.

We also know this can be tough to do, especially on a regular basis if you are a small team (or even an individual missionary), who is traveling and working. While we would love to strategize with you on how your nonprofit or mission organization can create compelling social media posts that engage donors and supporters, we also want to share a few ideas we share with those we serve.

1. Follow Daily Themes

While you can do every day of the week, we recommend focusing on one or two days to post every week something that fits into the theme. As you grow you can expand to more days, but it’s better to keep up with an idea over a long period of time then try everything for a week or two and then give up because it is too much work.

Some ideas to get you thinking:

Missionary Monday  – Feature a different missionary each week who is part of your team
Mission Monday – Share a story of impact from a key part of your mission each week

Thankful Tuesday – Share something you are thankful for… this is a great time to thank donors and supporters!
Tuesday Trivia – Trivia about your organization and/or the cause you are fighting for

Wednesday Wisdom – Share a quote or thought of the day.
Wonderful Wednesday – Share something wonderful that has happened in your organization the past week

Throwback Thursday – Share a photo or story from the past

Friday Fun – Share a funny or fun photo or story
Friday Friends – Introduce a friend of your mission/organization. This could be a donor, partner or someone you serve

2. Ask Questions

Social media isn’t an advertisement on television – it’s a chance to build relationships with your followers and supporters! Ask them a question. It can range from funny to serious. Invite them into your planning process. Ask how they would solve a problem. This lets them feel like they are part of what you are doing instead of just watching what you are doing.

3. Behind the Scenes Photos and Videos

Professional photos are great and can tell a great story, however, social media is a great platform to share behind the scenes photos of what the work is really like. Invite the viewer into the story, make them feel like they are there. These don’t have to be professional or polished – although they should tell a story.

4. Tell a multiple part story

Stories are the best to share on Social Media. If you have a great one, break it up into bite-sized pieces you share on different days instead of a single long post. Tell the beginning, middle and end on different days and invite viewers to “join us tomorrow to find out what happens…”.

An example would be to on day one introduce who the story is about, talk about their background, history, family etc., then end with “join us tomorrow to find out why NAME needs you”. On day two share the struggles they are facing, and then finish with “tomorrow we will show how you are making a difference in NAME’s life”. Then on day three tell the story around what happened once you and your organization stepped into that person’s life and how donations and/or volunteers make a difference.

You want to write the whole story in advance and have them ready to go – because nothing is worse than saying check back for part two and then it either never comes out or comes out three weeks later when no one remembers part one!

5. Promote other organizations and missionaries

Yes, this is counterintuitive to raising funds for yourself, but we believe that being a great partner for others is the best way to build your own organization. Share stories about what organizations you have partnered with or who are doing work that supplements yours. Once you do this, why not ask them to do the same? Often times donors want to give to specific causes and if you point them in the right direction they will be grateful – and then will point people to yours who are passionate about the cause you are invested with.


Do you have some tips on things to keep content fresh on your social media channels? Share them below!

If you want help, guidance or consultation on creating successful social media posts and campaigns we’d love to talk with you!

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