Nonprofit Event Management

Excellent events are crucial to every nonprofit for raising awareness and financial support. However, in order to effectively accomplish both goals with a high return on your investment, you need experienced team members who can dedicate extensive time and resources. You’ll have to think of the theme, venue, food choices, decorations, invitation design and printing, seating charts, entertainment, program, emcee, music, staging, audio, video, photography, parking, contracts… and that’s just to get the ball rolling!

Echo Your Story has the resources and team in place to make any event a success. Essentially, you take care of your donors and we take care of everything else!

What makes us different than other event planners?

Great question! Our team focuses exclusively on nonprofit events geared toward raising awareness and generating funds. Because of this, we can not only help you on the planning and execution side of the event, but also can assist on the strategic planning to best leverage donors, sponsors, messaging, videos and storytelling for maximum impact.

Allow our experienced, creative and professional team to ensure that your nonprofit event has maximum profitability and impact on awareness that is memorable and accurately reflects the vision and mission of your organization. Let us plan and manage the event planning process, and then also be on-site the night of the event to make sure everything is executed excellently, so you can concentrate on hosting your donors and guests.

As our mission is to work with nonprofit organizations of all sizes, we tailor our prices to fit any budget. No matter how big or small your nonprofit is we encourage you to reach out and let us see how we can help you deliver an amazing event experience that builds support for your mission.

Latest Event Tips
Events We Lead
  • Fundraising events
  • Galas
  • Award Shows
  • Fundraising Dinners
  • Board Retreats
  • Grand Openings
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Training Conferences
Our Event Goals
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Generate new donors
  • Raise awareness
  • Grow donor base
  • Cultivate donor relationships
What We Offer
  • Develop realistic goals
  • Planning of all event logistics
  • Track income and expenses
  • Analyze ROI
  • Targeted invitations and mailings
  • Event attendee followup
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Our Event Planning Process

Determine Goals

We meet with you to discuss your overall goals for the event. During this meeting we consult with you to determine what the outcomes of the event will be. Are you wanting to increase awareness? Raise funds? Deliver an immersive experience? Teach and train? Using extensive research we can also assist you in setting these goals.

We also set realistic return on investment goals to make sure you get the best value possible. Additionally we can help you set budgets and manage income/expenses.

Establish the “Big” Ideas

One of the most exciting parts of event planning is dreaming up the “big” ideas. What is the theme of the event? How do you want it to look? How many people are you planning to invite? Are you planning on serving dinner or food? Is it going to be formal, rustic, elegant? We work with you to determine a theme and feel that reflects your organizations mission and vision while also accomplishing the goals set out.

Selecting the Details

Once the big ideas and goals are set, our team will go to compiling lists of possible venues, caterers, entertainment, musicians, emcees, photographers, audio companies, video companies, decorators and more that your event may need to make it successful. We will then sit down with you to select options that fit the vision and mission while also remaining inside your budget.


Once the goals, ideas and details are in place our team will get to work planning out all the details necessary for the event. We will secure the venue, get the contracts in place, track the expenses, contact vendors, secure caterers, secure entertainment and AV Companies. We will then lay out the program for the event and begin getting together the elements necessary to make the event come to life.

Sponsor Opportunities

Once the primary event planning is underway, we will meet with you to help you understand and leverage possible sponsorship opportunities, then help you design sponsorship letters and packets. We can help you see opportunities that otherwise would have gone overlooked that you can turn into revenue generators.

Invitations and Mailings

The date is secured, the theme is decided upon and the sponsors are in place, now it’s time to get people there! We will help you selectively target your database, design and print invitations and email invites. We can also help you track invites and responses. Additionally we can manage followups and reminders as the event draws near.

Final Logistics

As the event approaches we will ensure that all the pieces are in place and communicate with you to make sure everything is ready for the event. We will handle making sure all the elements are produced and ready for the AV companies, the speakers/presenters have their scripts, the musicians and entertainers have programs and everything else is ready. Additionally, we can manage handing off checks and other expenses as needed.

Set-up and Event Operations

We will be on-site to make sure all the pieces come together before the event and everything is ready well before your guests arrive. During the event we will serve as point, making sure all of the elements are flowing smoothly and handeling any issues or problems that arise so you can focus on hosting your guests and donors.

Event Followup

One of the most important aspects of any nonprofit event is the followup. Following the event we will make sure you have all the pieces you need to continue leveraging new and existing relationships with donors that were cultivated at the event. Additionally, we an help you track ROI and other metrics to evaluate the event.

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